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Is this man smarter than you?

He legally enjoys all of the major national TV programs from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, ION, Univision, Telefutura, The CW, and many more, as well as local stations, and he pays nothing. Best of all his signal quality for both the video and the audio is better than he had with his former cable company. He receives over 40 channels that include 24-hour a day weather, old movie channels, educational channels, several PBS so there is lots of programming for his children and the whole
family. He knew that he was not really enjoying the best his new HDTV had to offer as long as he hooked it up to the cable or satellite services that re-condense their signals before they broadcast them. Now with his Free Over The Air TV Antenna, that he bought from www.FreeOverTheAirTV.com, his family is actually enjoying the true value of the investment they made in their fabulous new HDTV and there is no monthly cost. That is pretty smart.

With the substantial amount of money he saved every month not paying for the TV programming he now gets for free, he purchased a new media center DVR/Computer System and he uses www.titanTV.com to easily record his favorite programs like he used to with the expensive DVR his cable company rented to him after they made him pay several hundred dollars down and another $20.00 a month. But now instead of being made to buy the cable company a DVR that they took back when he canceled his service, he now owns his own equipment that is technologically advanced and offers many more functions and capabilities. Now he can go to www.netflix.com and for a few dollars a month he can watch an unlimited amount of movies online whenever he wants without being charged $6.00 or more each. They play right to his HDTV or he can also order movies to watch on his DVD player too. That's all pretty smart.

He can choose to go to www.Itunes.com and watch for free almost any current program from the TV shows he used to pay the cable company to watch. He can go to www.hulu.com and watch free movies there or go to www.youtube.com and watch any of the content you will find there for free. The truth is, thanks to Free Over The Air TV and the explosion of free sources to watch video on the Internet, his family's entertainment options have vastly expanded and they are saving over $1,000.00 per year! That's pretty smart too. Don't you agree? Now he wonders why he ever paid all of that money every month to the cable and satellite companies to limit his options with programming that came in inferior signal quality. In fact, he is buying a new HDTV for every room in the house since the installation we did for him powers ever outlet in the house with digital and HDTV signal just like the cable company powered all of the RJ45 jacks in the house. He, like the 60% of people in Hong Kong who switched to Free Over the Air Digital TV, is wondering why everyone doesn't take advantage of the new, better technology?

Isn't it time you got with the future and stop paying for the TV you can get for free? In America, the cable and satellite vendors do not want you to know it but there are millions of households that have already switched to FreeOverTheAirTV and tens of thousands of additional households switch every month. They are making the smart choice. Shouldn't you?

There are some people who watch Free Over The Air TV in order to get the superior audio and video experience for the major national Network channels as well as their local channels and they also keep the cable for access to their favorite cable program they want to see in real time, like Speed Channel or ESPN. If you can afford it and it means that much to you, it is an easy matter to have both services hooked up to your HDTV and we can easily show you how. Although we know if you give one of our Free Over The Air TV Antennas a try all by itself, you'll probably realize you really don't miss the cable and the bill, especially if you attach a DVR capable computer to your system and take advantage of the best that technology has to offer.

Some people ask if they can utilize a DTV antenna with their old analog TV since the economy is bad, money is an issue an they just can't afford to buy a new HDTV yet. The answer is yes. We can equip you with a converter box that will convert the Digital signal provided by our antennas to analog. Then when you do buy a new HDTV you'll have the best digital HDTV antenna that money an buy. How much do you pay for cable or satellite TV. Chances are that you could afford to buy a very nice HDTV in less than one year with the money you will save by taking advantage of the Free Over The Air TV signal.

Either way, whatever your situation, we hope you will join the millions of smart Americans who have already switched to Free Over The Air TV and begin to save yourself a small fortune too. Just imagine what you could do with the extra $1,000.00+ per year that you needlessly pay to the cable company. That kind of money could do a lot for most families these days or be a great start to a child's college education fund. Think about it and then order a FreeOverTheAirTV Antenna from the experts here at FreeOverTheAirTV.com.


DigiTenna Deep Fringe Antenna DUV-DF - $119.00
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DigiTenna Deep Fringe Antenna DUV-DF - $119.00
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